Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The City By The Bay Has Its Championship

For the first time since 1954, and for the very first time in the city of San Francisco, the Giants were crowned the champions of the baseball world, as they beat the Texas Rangers, 3-1, to take the series, 4-1.

Edgar (Rent-a-Wreck) Renteria was named the series MVP, as he hit two big time home runs, the second a three-run shot to clinch the title.

Tim Lincecum won his second game of the World Series, pitching brilliantly over eight innings. He allowed just a solo home run to Nelson Cruz in the seventh.

The Giants won the World Series in 2010 the way the Red Sox won it in 2004, on the backs of their superb starting pitching. Texas had the highest team batting average in the majors, and were nearly shut out twice.

And one of the best parts of the Giants win is that Yankee dimwit announcer Michael Kay can no longer call his team "defending world champions." (Thanks Giants, just for that. And to the Rangers as well.)

Somewhere, the ghosts of people from John McGraw to Christy Mathewson, and Joan Payson to Mel Ott are smiling tonight. Congratulations to my friend Ken in Sacramento, my cousin Joey in Oakland, and to Giants fans everywhere. (Even to Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, who left WFAN a couple of years ago for the Siberia that is satellite radio. But he's still a big time Yankee hater, and I'm sure he's loving this. Wonder what his ex-partner will say on about this, or him, on Tuesday?)

But I'm especially thinking of my Uncle Paddy, who passed away in 1979, who lived in the Bay Area for many years and went to many Giants games as a fan at Candlestick. When I was little, he brought me back a Giants hat (I think I may still have it put away some place).

Wherever he is, I'm sure he's got a smile on his face.

Have a cold one for me, Uncle Paddy. I know you're enjoying this.


Peter N said...

John, find that hat if you can and display it as a token of the love you have for your uncle. This year, the best team won.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I wish I could fine it, Peter. But I'm sure my uncle knows. God bless him.

The best team sure did win. The Giants pitching reminded me so much of the 2004 Red Sox in that series.