Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Fire Childress. Now.

As a long time Minnesota Vikings fan who suffered through the Super Bowl losses, the mediocre teams and awful trades this team has made since 1972, I appeal to owner Zygi Wilf to take action on behalf of loyal Vikings fans everywhere.

Fire that incompetent who currently is running this team, Brad Childress. And right now.

Please don't wait.

He's brought disrepute to this fine organization by dumping Randy Moss. He says it was done in the best interest of the Minnesota Vikings. No, it was done in the best of Brad Childress.

He was pissed at Moss for showing him up in that press conference after Sunday's game. Hey, Moss has a big mouth, but everyone knows that. You brought him in to get the team righted. But Moss isn't the big problem on the Minnesota Vikings.

Childress has lost control of this team. Many of the veteran players are surely very angry about this whole debacle, and I will be watching Sunday's game against Arizona to see just what kind of effort the team makes for Childress. I really wouldn't be surprised to see the Vikings go completely into the tank the rest of this season, and see them finish something like 6-10. I'm sure there's a lot of pride in the Vikings clubhouse, but I'll bet many are as anxious to see Childress gone as the fans are.

The team is run by a collection of inept clods. I was absolutely floored last night when I saw a blurb on ESPN that Wilf was "upset" to hear that his team has let Moss go.

The owner wasn't on board with this, and had no knowledge the Vikings were going to do this? What in bloody hell is going on here? Wilf has a right to be upset, as it has now cost the Vikings their third round pick next year, and they were on the hook for over $6 million of Moss' 2010 salary. Here's more from Access Vikings.

I don't see how Childress survives this fiasco. At Access Vikings, a poll of the fans has it now over 80% want him gone, and right now. Let me second that opinion. I have never been a fan of his coaching, and he's cost the Vikings this year on several occasions. I really hope they would give defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier a shot at the job, as he's been interviewed nine teams by other teams for their head coaching position in the recent past and deserves a shot.

Childress must go. He's embarrassed me and all loyal Vikings fans, and should be shown the door. Now.

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