Monday, November 01, 2010

Chilly's Last Stand: Moss Waived

The ungodly mess that is the Minnesota Vikings took yet another bizarre twist as the club released Randy Moss today, just 26 days after re-acquiring him. And he wasn't cut because of his lack of production.

His comments about the love and respect he has for the Patriots after yesterday's loss in Foxboro undoubtedly pissed off soon-to-be-ex-head coach Brad Childress, and Moss also criticized the Vikings for not heeding his advice about certain plays to run against the Patriots in Sunday's game.

Moss' boycott of the media following games probably didn't win him any friends with management either. And some are speculating that a 4th quarter play that Brandon Meriweather was called for pass interference on Moss yesterday, and that Moss gave up on the rest of the play, may have led to Brett Favre's injury three plays later and the decision for the Vikings to cut him. You decide.

Moss had 13 receptions for 174 yards and 2 TDs in the four games he played with the Vikings.

This whole thing just seems to me like Brad Childress is trying to assert his authority on the team, and that he hasn't lost control.

It looks like Childress' last stand to me. The sooner he's gone, the better.

And all the crap that has gone on with this team this year makes me write the following sentence, something I have almost never felt in my 38 years supporting this club, and I am sad to so:

I am ashamed to call myself a Minnesota Vikings fan today.

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