Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Was Clemens Doing In The Monster Seats Last Night?

When I was listening to the feed on my pal Matt's iPad about Manny Ramirez' first at-bat last night, Joe Castiglione said that while it was going on, guess who stuck his head in the broadcast booth to say hello? None other than the Texas Con Man himself, Roger Clemens.

And later in that inning, Clemens was seen by the NESN cameras in the Monster seats watching the game. No one else seemed to notice him there.

What was he doing in the ballpark he grew to dislike, among the fans who really grew to despise him more than any other ex-Red Sox player? (Far more than Johnny Damon, believe me.) And how did he score a prime ticket like that?

Makes me wonder if he's making nice with Red Sox officials. Manny Ramirez may have gotten a decidely mixed reception upon his return last night, but I really can't ever envision a day when Clemens will be back in the good graces of Red Sox fans.

He burned those bridges years ago. I don't think they can ever be repaired, even if he should be warming up to the idea. Personally, I'm looking forward to Roger Clemens Incarceration Day, the day the feds ship TCM off to prison for six months or so for lying about his obvious steroid use.

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