Friday, June 18, 2010

At Least They Didn't Lose to a Team Wearing Charlie Brown Shirts

The United States was robbed today against Slovenia.

They pulled off a great comeback after being down 2-0 at halftime. Landon Donovan and Michael Bradley tallied for the Americans, and with five minutes to play, it appeared that Maurice Edu did as well. But the Mali referee, Koman Coulibaly, who was so bad he'd probably make a good MLB umpire, waved it off, and the game wound up tied at 2.

The U.S. defense was to say the least porous in the first half, and it looked like the American World Cup dream might just be dying right there in Johannesburg.

But the U.S. had the better of the second half, and the tie puts the Americans at 0-0-2, with one last game against Algeria to complete the opening round. Slovenia has four points, and England and Algeria play later today. (They played to a draw, so the US and England both have two points.)

FIFA won't let the Mali ref explain himself to the media for his horrific call. At least Jim Joyce was allowed to apologize.

Here's more on today's match from ESPN.

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