Friday, June 11, 2010

Doubling Them To Death

The Red Sox pulled out the whoopin' sticks early and often tonight, and Jamie Moyer got raked over the coals for nine earned runs as the Red Sox won a nice easy one over the defending NL champion Phillies, 12-2.

The Red Sox hit eight doubles, and Mike Lowell hit the only home run. John Lackey pitched seven solid innings, allowing two runs in picking up his seventh win of 2010.

Marco Scutaro and David Ortiz each had three hits, and seven of the nine starters had at least two. Papi also drove in four runs. The Sox scored all 12 runs in the first three innings: 5 in the first, 4 in the second and 3 in the third.

Sox made a number of moves before the game. Jonathan Papelbon was reactivated and Scott Atchison made yet another trip on the Pawtucket Shuttle, and now he's back. Jeremy Hermida was placed on the DL, and now it has been determined that his crash with Adrian Beltre broke five of his ribs. The Sox also DFA'd Joe Nelson.

The Red Sox gained a game on Tampa Bay, who lost at home, but not New York, who won. The Sox trail the Rays by four games.

BTW, speaking of people being out, what exactly is wrong with Don Orsillo? He missed his second straight telecast on NESN, and was replaced tonight by Eric Frede.

Get well soon, Announcer Boy.

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