Friday, June 25, 2010

Donovan Scores. USA Wins.

Here is a terrific video of the reactions from around America and the world of Landon Donovan's memorable winning goal from Wednesday's US World Cup 1-0 win over Algeria. (With thanks to Jeff Pearlman for the video.)

I was at home preparing for a softball game in Manhattan that afternoon while intently watching the match. (We wound up winning by forfeit.) I threw my arms in the air and felt more relieved than anything else that the US was on their way to the knockout round.

This video for me brings back memories of the US Olympic hockey team's incredible 1980 win over the Russians, and the Red Sox incredible ALCS comeback and World Series win in 2004.

Keep the dream alive on Saturday, USA. We're all behind you.


Steel36 said...

File that under "no matter how much I watch it, it never gets old."

No beat those Ghanians!

Rick said...

1980, 2004, 2007 and 2008 Celtics definitely come to mind. I really do think at some point they could run a graphic on how in the last 3 World Cups the USA has had a disproportianate number of goals called back/penalty kicks awarded against (as I reflect back it was a bad call to negate our goal against Italy). If it was an evening out process we are due a few gift penalty kicks

Enough with my sour grapes - I am happy

Matt said...

And don't forget Germany's handball in '02. It's beginning to feel like we play with a one-goal handicap.