Thursday, June 03, 2010

Wave 'Em In Bogar?

Like with what happened with Jim Joyce on Wednesday night, third base coaches only get noticed when something goes awry.

And it happened at Fenway twice on Thursday afternoon.

Tim Bogar brought back bad memories of Wendell Kim and Dale Sveum as he made two very costly decisions as the Sox dropped a 9-8 slugfest to the Oakland A's.

He sent in Victor Martinez, one of the slowest guys in baseball and playing on a recently injured toe, and he was a dead duck. And there was no outs in the inning, and the Sox ended up not scoring.

Then to top it off, he did it again. This time he sent in Darnell McDonald, who twisted his ankle earlier in the inning on first base on a pickoff attempt, but seemed OK. And again, there was no outs when McDonald got nailed at the plate.

It's been a bad year for Bogar, as he's made more than just a few bad decisions sending runners in this year.

It was also on a day when the Sox got 18 hits, 4 by Bill Hall, 3 by Jeremy Hermida, and they both homered too. Marco Scutaro also went deep, but it was 9-8 Oakland at the end.

Tim Wakefield got hit hard, allowing six runs in six innings. Manny Delcarmen also gave up two home runs, one a bomb to the RF bleachers by Jack Cust.

A wacky day all around, and the Sox now hit the road for Baltimore and Cleveland. The O's might have a new manager tomorrow, as riumors are flying that the 15-38 Orioles will be replacing William Shatner's doppelganger. (Dave Trembley, that is.)


Steel36 said...

Well Trembley was fired. It was more a mercy killing than anything else. Brian Roberts is injured during Spring Training, has not played in the majors since, and it went downhill from there.

The O's have not drafted well for years. Their only homegrown starters are Roberts and Nick Markakis.

The O's have not looked this bad since 1988.

The Omnipotent Q said...

It will take a miracle for the O's not to drop at least 100. 110 looks like a real possibility.