Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Very Worthy Cause For Kids

I was contacted recently by what I consider to be a very worthy cause. It is "The Fresh Air Fund," which is a nonprofit group whose mission statement is to help inner-city kids get a break each summer by sending them to the country for a few weeks to have a new and positive experience in their lives.

The kids range in age from 6-12, and live in low-income housing. The Fresh Air Fund has been doing this for children since 1877. (I always remember them from seeing commercials about the Fresh Air Fund during Yankees games in the early 1970s.) They have sent more than 1.7 million kids on summer vacations since their founding, and about 10,000 kids from New York City are helped out by the Fresh Air Fund every year. They go to 13 states from Virginia to Maine and into Canada as well. Now, the Fresh Air Fund is currently seeking host family sponsors to assist them in helping children have this new experience.

If you'd like to help out one of these New York kids this summer (2/3 of the families who sponsor them reinvite them to come back year after year), here is the Fresh Air Fund's web site you can check out and contact them at:

And if you'd like to just donate money to them, you can check out this link:

The Fresh Air Fund is a nonprofit organization and relies on contributions to keep many of their vital programs going. I encourage you to check out the above links, and make a difference in a child's life this summer.

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