Monday, February 02, 2009


It was a helluva great Super Bowl, as the Pittsburgh Steelers won a last-minute thriller over the Arizona Cardinals, 27-23. Santonio Holmes (pictured) made a sensational catch in the end zone with 35 seconds play (eerily similar to what happened last February) to give the Steelers a record sixth Super Bowl win.

I had a feeling that the Cardinals scored too quickly, with 2 1/2 minutes left, to take a 23-20 lead. Ben Rothlisberger led Pittsburgh down the field and hit Holmes with the game-winner for Big Ben's first ever Super Bowl TD pass.

I watched the game at Professor Thom's with a crowd that was mostly pulling for the Steelers. My congratulations to them and their fans on a great win. I've always said that I have a lot of respect for the Steelers and their fans, as they closely parallel the Red Sox fans and the devotion they have to their team.

You know what this means now? Yep, bring on the baseball season. Pitchers and catchers are just 10 days away.

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Steel36 said...

That is about right. I have been trying to think about what it means.

A safety, James Harrison running 100 yards, Arizona's no huddle air raid O, what else is there?

As soon as Fitzgerald caught the ball I saw his speed and said "he's gone." Larry set a new world speed record. Making Polamalu look slow is something.

It is rare that you get clear cut moments where winning and losing are so distinct.Santonio Holmes has been good, but not the big time guy The Steelers had wanted.

He had been arrested earlier in the season for smoking marijuana in his car and suspended for a game by the team.

That final drive was Holmes' moment. He played like he wanted the ball. Santonio "got it." Ben ran around and made time. Holmes' TD catch is the greatest catch I have ever seen. Pure Cris Carter style levitation. Highest rated Super Bowl ever? I wonder why?

The Steelers have had an identity since the 70s. No high priced egos, team guys. hard running, nasty D and blue collar all the way. An identity like Pittsburgers have of themselves.

Draft good people who are good players. The Rooneys sign the checks but let the football people do their jobs. Mike Tomlin is another good hire and it is probable he will have the kind of stability that Bill Cowher and Chuck Noll had in their tenures.

Dan Rooney will eat his lunch in the same cafeteria with the players. How many owners will do that? Dan Rooney, like The Chief, will always be at the facility every day, as though he were a benevolent king. The Steelers are a family-an extension of The Rooneys.

The Steelers are a model franchise. Super Bowl #7 may not happen next year. But as long as The Rooneys run the show, The Steelers will be in the running.

PS-Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner were magnificent.