Sunday, February 22, 2009

I've Already Gotten Over It

I saw an article today in Newsday today about how Red Sox Nation can't "get over" the loss of not signing Mark Teixeira this past winter. Writer Ken Davidoff talked to RSN Vice-President Rob Crawford and he thinks that the hatred will be more intensified because Teixiera didn't sign with the Red Sox.

I agree with Rob that Teixiera will get an extremely rude welcome when the MFY visit Fenway for the first time on April 24. But he won't get as much abuse as will the top two Yankee villains: Alex (I Haven't Done Roids Since 2003) Rodriguez and Johnny (I'll Never Sign With the Yankees) Damon. (Sure, Derek Jeter will be in for his share too, but he's now down in the hatred pecking order.)

There wasn't a consensus that Red Sox Nation wanted Teixiera. I, for one, was not pushing they sign him, as it would have created problems the Red Sox were wise to avoid: having to move Kevin Youkilis back to third and trading Mike Lowell to accomodate Youk. Spring training camp would have been filled with nothing but reporters questions about what the Red Sox were going to do with Lowell, and creating all kinds of unnecessary tension. (Not to mention the money they saved can be used in more important areas, as well as making deals to improve the club during this upcoming season.)

And as far as Teixiera not coming to Boston, so be it. It doesn't keep me up nights. I'd rather have seen him go to Baltimore or Washington, but Teixiera never talked about wanting to play for the Red Sox. He still holds a grudge about the way the Red Sox drafted him out of high school years ago, and eventually turned them down (although that was done by the Dan Duquette regime). He and his evil agent, Scott Boras, basically did what a lot of free agents have done: got one team to drive up the price, while waiting for the team they really want to sign with increase their offer above that price and go for it. Again, so be it, as there's nothing unethical about it. It's been done before and it will be done many times more.

I guess if Teixiera had gone anywhere but New York, it might not have left such a bad taste in the mouths of many Red Sox fans. But I don't think the Red Sox made a mistake not signing him and walking away when they realized they were just being used. Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't make.

And I'll go to war with Mike Lowell on third and Kevin Youkilis at first any day.

Terry Francona also announced that Josh Beckett will pitch the opener on Wednesday afternoon against Boston College and Tim Wakefield will start the night game that day against Minnesota. Here more from

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Steel36 said...

Look Tex is darn good, but not elite. He is in the prime of his career and was after the gold. Fine Tex got the bank vault. Now he has to deliver.

Baltimore or DC were not good destinations. Both are rebuilding. Spend the money elsewhere. Or in DC's case try to build anything at all. The Nats have this way of doing stupid things that would do Wile E. Coyote proud.

Andy McPhail is a pro and should do well as long as Peter Angelos and his idiot sons stay out of it. Like that will happen.

A-R*d will be Satan in pinstripes. Damon the traitor. Jeter-just well a Yankee.

If The Yanks sputter and The Sox succeed, no one will care that Tex "jolted" The Red Sox.