Friday, February 20, 2009

Slappy's Growing Lies

The strange twisted case of Alex Rodriguez continues to spiral out of control, as the New York Daily News is reporting today that Slappy had a relationship with a Dominican trainer and a man connected to steroids named Angel Presinal. (And it was long after 2003, when A-Rod claims to have stopped his daliance with roids.)

In 2001, this guy was banned by MLB from going into any private areas in any MLB parks. He was nailed in Canada in 2001 with a gym bag-full of roids he claimed belonged to Juan Gonzalez, who he was training at the time. He wasn't charged, but he's been called "an unsavory character" by a few sources.

And A-Rod's been seen hanging with him as late as 2007, and Presinal's been tossed out of three MLB clubhouses, and he's also been mentioned in the Mitchell Report. Here's more from the Daily News.

I'm not surprised stuff like this is coming out. Slappy left everyone scratching their heads after his press conference earlier this week, and you knew it would lead to more revelations. Turns out his "cousin", identified as Yuri Sucart, really isn't a blood relative of Slappy's, and The Joy of Sox has a good column on his site today about more of A-Rod's lies and the real truth about the steroids he acquired in the Dominican Republic.

Young and stupid? He must think we're all stupid if he really thought none of this would come out and we'd believe his story, which seems to change every time he opens his mouth, and only winds up inserting his foot there.


Peter N said...

And now Big Papi's name has been linked to Presinol's...I wrote about this this morning. The Herald had a great article in their Saturday issue. I believe in David 100%. Case closed.
Have a great weekend, Q.

Michael Leggett said...

Pinocchio isn't even half the liar, which Alex(is)Roidriguez is:

S'r Carlos Delgado, in 2003, was robbed of AL MVP, by the Writers, who Gave it to the Most-Expensive Roidster out there;

When A-Jerk slapped the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's Glove, he was either going through Withdrawl, or playing with Estrogen.