Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alex Rodriguez' Flying Circus

Absolute high comedy watching the Slappy press conference from Tampa this afternoon. The Yankees allow NO followup questions to the media's queries, which turns the whole thing into a joke. Slappy drags some mysterious "cousin" into this whole mess, and refused to identify him. Claims that he and his Mystery Relative bought stuff over the counter in the Dominican Republic that is a no-no in the USA.

Slappy basically said nothing this afternoon, and just left the press wanting more. He did lots of dancing, and tried more to appear like a victim in all of this.

A-Rod keeps using the "young and stupid" defense, which doesn't wash at age 24, or 26, or whatever age he was when he started juicing. He wasn't 18 when he started on the roids, as he was already an eight-year MLB veteran. (Funny hearing Joel Sherman's faulty math in his question: he said to A-Rod that since he took the injections twice a month for three years, that adds up to "36." No Joel, without a calculator I know that adds up to 72.)

Love that 30-second break Slappy did in ending his opening statement. Thought he might burst into tears at that moment. He even choked when he was supposed to get all choked up.

Get set folks. Slappy probably thinks he put out the fire with this mess. Little does he know it's a five-alarm blaze right now.

UPDATE: Apparently, Rodriguez said he was injected twice a day for six months over three years, so I guess Sherman was indeed correct with 36. Management regrets the error. Well, not really.)


Peter N said...

I listened to the entire press conference..I came up with a much cruder title for my post.
High comedy? OH YES. Thanks Q...he's an idiot who made things worse.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Nice title, Peter. Hits the nail on the head!

Unknown said...

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