Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to the Hall, Jim Ed

The incredibly long, agonizing wait for Jim Rice has finally come to an end, as he was elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame today, along with Rickey Henderson.

Rice just made it, as he was named on 412 of the 539 ballots cast. That was just over 76%. He made it by just seven votes. Here's more on the vote from

It was Rice's last shot to be elected by the writers, and in my opinion, it was way too long a wait. But at least he is finally in.

Henderson was a slam dunk, and was named on 511 ballots. (I'd like the 28 who didn't vote for him to explain why.) He was named on 94% of the ballots cast. Andre Dawson was a distant third, 44 votes short and Bert Blyleven was denied yet again, and received just 62% of the vote. (Keeping Blyleven out is a continuing travesty.)

Congratulations to both men, especially to Rice. It is a well-deserved honor.

Welcome to Cooperstown, Jim Ed.

Now let's retire number 14 this year, too.

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