Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Mayor, Tek and Torre

Some quick stuff.

Sean Casey is retiring from MLB and the Red Sox and is taking a position at the MLB Network. I'm not surprised that The mayor is moving over to TV, as it is prefect for his outgoing personality. He's considered by many to be the nicest guy in baseball (he won a player poll on that subject a few years ago), and Curt Schilling called him "one of the nicest people on the planet." I wish The Mayor all the best on his new TV gig. He's all class, all the time.

Rumors are going around the Red Sox have made an offer to Jason Varitek, one that may involve a contract with an option for 2010, with some very "makeable" incentives that would be worth more to him. He made a gargantuan blunder by refusing arbitration, and no matter what he and the Sox agree on, it should be less than the $10 million per he would have gotten. Here's more from the Boston Globe. (UPDATE: The Red Sox offered a $5 million deal to Tek for 2009, with an option for 2010 with incentives and it is said that the Sox have imposed a deadline for him to accept it. Let's see if he's foolish enough to turn it down.)

And the news broke today that a book by Joe Torre and Tom Verducci is coming out February 3, and it appears the former Yankee manager doesn't have a lot of nice things to say about Slappy (referred to by many Yankees as "A-Fraud") and his old bosses. I may have to check this out when it is released. Here's more from the New York Post.

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