Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pleasant Memories For a Cold Night

It's been brutally cold here in New York City the last four solid days, and it seems like summer is years away. But I had a real treat tonight, as the MLB Network is showing both the 2007 ALCS Game 7 and the 2007 World Series Game 1. (They are showing more games from that World Series on Sunday.)

But I also stumbled across ESPN Classic, and they are showing Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. (It is part of something they are calling "Judgment Day Marathon" whatever that is.) I couldn't help but get pumped up watching the bottom of the ninth all over again, watching Dave Roberts steal second. It is still so amazingly close he was to being out, and I was thinking that that stolen base is THE dividing line in Red Sox history. (The above YouTube clip was taken by a fan in the rightfield bleachers. I put it up here a couple of years ago, but it's always great to check out.)

Paul Quantrill comes on in the 12th, Papi takes him deep, and the greatest comeback in American sports history was truly on. (And the line of the night in the 10th inning from Tim McCarver: "The longer this game goes, the more it favors the Yankees, because of the weaknesses of the Red Sox bullpen." Tee-hee.)

I never get tired of reliving those memories, especially on a night when it is 21 degrees outside.


Michael Leggett said...

Tim NEVER Does make much sense:

I guess he got his style of flubs by teaming with Ralph Kiner all these years;

Ralph once called him "Tim Mac Arthur".

Peter N said...

Mac Arthur..."I WILL RETURN!" More funny Mike stuff. Thanks, too, Q.