Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Filip Bondy is a Big Fat Idiot

I read this garbage in the New York Daily News from that jackass "writer" Filip Bondy. A perfectly good waste of newsprint about how Philadelphia is the town New Yorkers should hate now, not Boston. You know Bondy, he writes that piece of crap column during the baseball season about those mutants who inhabit the bleachers in Yankee Stadium called "The Bleacher Creature." He's always been one of my least favorite writers, and he never fails to write such dreck, like this:

Boston? Boston is so yesterday around here, and far too Yankee-centric. The Red Sox were a wild-card team last season, nothing more. They've lost Manny, the poster child for anti-pinstriped imagery. Besides, the Yanks killed them in the offseason. Brad Penny for one year? That's not even trying.

This asshole just doesn't get it. The Red Sox aren't desperate and have to throw a half-billion dollars at big-time free agents. Your beloved Yankees are, and did so. The Sox made economical moves, moves that made sense.

"The Red Sox were nothing more than a wild-card team last year." And your team, with the highest payroll in baseball history, watched the Red Sox, who went to Game 7 of the ALCS with a banged up lineup, from the golf course, dimwit.

"The Yankees killed them in the offseason." They don't award trophies to baseball teams that "win" December, moron.

Bondy just makes me shake my head. How this brainless idiot ever got a gig with the Daily News is simply beyond my comprehension. I guess being on George Steinbrenner's payroll might be one answer.

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