Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Subway Super Bowl" Doesn't Cut It

With all the success the Giants and Jets have had this season, the speculation has now turned as to whether both teams can make it to the Super Bowl, which will be played in Tampa early next February.

And since that started, I've been seeing some sportswriter-creation calling it a "Subway Super Bowl." That is wrong for a number of reasons:

1. Neither the Jets nor the Giants play in New York City, despite using the city name;
2. Both teams play in the same stadium, so you don't need to take a subway to see both teams;
3. East Rutherford, New Jersey does not have a subway system, the last time I looked.

At least "Subway Series" when it's been used for Mets-Yankees series is correct. C'mon guys, I think "All-New Jersey Super Bowl," while not as sexy as "Subway Super Bowl," is at least not a misnomer, and will have to do for now.

I've also noticed a tendency for fans at football games waving their arms during field goal and extra point attempts to try to "distract" the opposition kicker. Do I need to point out to you folks that when a kicker is lining up for a kick, he is concentrating on his holder and timing his kick to coincide with the snap of the center? Waving your arms does no good. Save your energy.

And no doubt you've heard about the Plaxico Burress nonsense, about how he "accidentally" shot himself in a club last Friday night. I think Tony Siragusa, during the Giants-Redskins game today, said it best, words to the effect of: "If you have to carry a gun to go to a club, you might as well just stay home."

Like with Jeremy Shockey last year, the Giants are winning without Burress. And tomorrow he's turning himself in to the police to face a weapons possession charge. Time to do everyone a favor and cut this knucklehead loose. He's not worth the trouble.


Jere said...

You left out a key reason why "Subway Super Bowl" is wrong--unlike the other sports, where you could name the series after the mode of transportation used to get from one team's park to the other, the Super Bowl will be at a neutral site. And even if it was at one team's site, it's just one game, so even if you did have two teams that literally played in NYC, it still wouldn't require transportation DURING the game, unlike a series. So it all makes no sense anyway....

Plaxico said he needs the gun in case someone tries to mug him. And then what? You pull out your own gun? And have a gunfight? Turns out he got shot anyway. By himself.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks for including the neutral site reason, Jere. I forgot to include that, and the fact that it's not a series, but just one game.

Michael Leggett said...

Unless Doctors' Associates is sponsoring that Game, a Super Bowl Between The Jets and Giants cannot be a Subway Game:

Shea Stadium is Rubble and YS II has never been the Home of Regular Season NFL Games(YS I) was home to the NY Giants;

To my Knowledge, No Subway runs near East Rutherford, nor Florham Park in NJ, nor near Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.