Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Clock's Ticking on Weis

The Charlie Weis Watch is now on in earnest.

Notre Dame gave perhaps its worst effort of the year on Saturday night, and was completely dominated by a far superior USC team and was whacked, 38-3.

I thought the effort in the Boston College loss was atrocious. This was even worse. They only fight they showed all night was 45 minutes before the game when some USC and Irish players scuffled in the tunnel going out onto the field. (It was broken up before it could escalate into anything major.)

Notre Dame gained a total of just 91 yards against USC, the number one defensive team in the nation. They did not gain a first down until the final play of the third quarter. No sense recapping the rest, as it's just way too ugly.

Charlie Weis is some offensive wizard, isn't he? He gave his critics a tractor-trailer load more ammunition to go after him with after another awful loss on Saturday.

I can't remember the last time ND was a 32-point underdog, as they were on Saturday. And still, they couldn't beat that spread. They end the regular season at 6-6, far below expectations this year. They have now lost 15 games in two consecutive seasons for the first time ever. They are bowl eligible, and will probably get to a bowl only because they are Notre Dame and bring in fans, ratings and money.

And speaking of money, the rumors that it would cost about $10 million to buy out Weis appear to be exaggerated, and now I've heard it would take $3-4 million. With the way Notre Dame's season has crashed and burned after a promising 4-1 start, you have to think Weis is on very thin ice indeed.

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