Saturday, November 29, 2008

Curt's Moving, to WEEI

Things have been unusually quiet with the Red Sox so far in this off-season, but I did hear this morning that Curt Schilling is shutting down his 38Pitches blog, and is moving his blogging over to WEEI's web site.

I always found Schilling's blog an interesting read. I loved the fact he circumvented sportswriters, and really pissed them off, by going straight to the fans with his thoughts. Of course he has an opinion about everything, but at least he can't claim he was misquoted on his site.

Schilling's MLB future is still up in the air, after the shoulder surgery he had just a few months ago. But I will always think of him around Thanksgiving, when Theo Epstein and his lieutenants went to his Arizona home five years ago on the holiday and convinced to accept a trade to the Red Sox. It changed the team's fortunes forever.

And I'll always think of him whenever I see blood on a sock.

38Pitches was always a cool read, and I wish Curt all the best, no matter what the future holds in store for him.

The Red Sox now have a new first-base coach, as former Mets infielder Tim Bogar takes over for Luis Alicea. Bogar's been a minor league manager before, and was with the Rays as a fielding instructor last season.

They also picked up reliever Wes Littleton from Texas in a minor trade yesterday, for two players to be named later. I remember him as the guy who got a save for Texas back in 2007 in the game they destroyed the Orioles, 30-3. (He pitched the last three innings to get it.) And the Junichi Tazawa rumors are getting stronger. The Japanese righthander is rumored to be ready to announce he will sign with the Red Sox, and as early as next week.

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