Tuesday, November 04, 2008

3 Minutes

It's a momentous day here in America, as most of us will be going to the polls to elect the 44th president of the United States. I woke up to the news reports that the lines for the voting booths in New York City and around the nation were long, with some folks waiting up to 90 minutes or more to cast their ballots.

My polling place in Brooklyn is at a high school not far from my house, at Edward R. Murrow High School. It's the first time it's been there, so with all this talk about lines I decided to go out early and see for myself if it was happening here.

I went out shortly after 9:30 this morning and discovered to my relief that there were no lines whatsoever. The voting was held in the school's gym, and I saw only one line to vote among the voting booths, and it only had about 4 people on it.

I've never encountered any long lines in the 28 years I've been a voter. I remember a few years ago I waited about 5 minutes to get into the booth, but other than that, voting has always been a rather quick experience for me in my life.

One of the few advantages I have for living so deep in the heart of Brooklyn. I was in and out of the school in about three minutes.

And who did I vote for in this election? That's between me and my Maker.

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