Friday, November 07, 2008

Just a Heartbeat Away...

Today Governor of Red Sox Nation New York Chris Wertz announced the officers of his administration, and Yours Truly has been named "Lieutenant Guvna of Trivial Things." I am certainly honored to be serving so high up in Gov. Wertz' administration, and I am just a heartbeat away from the top office. I really appreciate the confidence that Gov. Wertz has shown in me, and I promise him, and everyone serving under him, that I will not let them down.

Here is the list of appointments, with more still to be announced.

Lt. Guvna of Trivial Things-John Quinn
Minister of Propogander-Paul "Fitzie" Fitzgerald
Chief Consul-David Tice
Ambassador to Westchester-Bob Sullivan
Secretary of Manny Defense-Adam Liscombe
Secretary of the Treasury-Rhonda Zapatka
Consul to China-Michael Liss
Alderman of Tampa Bay Dept. of Rec-John Brooks
Secretary of War and Special Liason to Kelly's Roastbeef-Matt Schwalb
Councilwoman of Campaign Running-Ruth Montilla
Mayor of Binghamton-Eden Ligas
Cultural Attache' to Bellevue-Chris Campion
Secretary of Treasury-Mike Murphy
Head of Justice Department (Indicted)-Joe Cosgriff
Secretary of Edjumacation-Mel
Monsignor of Faith-Eric Fredrickson
Archivist of Thunder Mist-Michael Benoit
Borough President of Third Base-Melinda Richards
Guy of Strong-Dirk Gorman
Secretary of Labor-Dan "The Monster" Sullivan
Ministera di Calzini Rossi-Heather Love
Undersecretary of Bullpen Excellence-Karen E. Weeks
Superattendent of Dirty Water-Rob LaRose
Consul to the British Isles (Not including Wales)-Gareth Hill
Emperor of Alcohol- Robert Young
Secretary of Lite-Horton Foote
Minister of Minutemen-Matt Raycroft
The Mayor of Albany-Steve Forbes Jr.
Warden of Yankee Fan Internment Camps-Adam Reichmann
Park Ranger-Adam Bachelder
Head of the MPAA-Steven Brandt
Ombudsman of, ahm, Bud-Steven Wright
Grand Moff-Steven Osbourn
Gregorian Knight-Pez
General Consul of Clamcakes-Kim Rossi
King of Sol-Eric Silinish
Commander of Coopers, Princeps of Pickles-Rick Field
Head Cheerleader-Steve Kaczmarczyk
Chief of Chiefs- John Hendrickson
More to come...

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Michael Leggett said...

I think that this will be amicable, with no Battle For Power over the Year:

It won't cost $650M.