Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Trivia Q&A: March 6

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people turn out for Trivia Night on Tuesday, as the temperatures barely reached 20 degrees. But we had 15 teams take part. We introduced "IQ" for the first time, and that was a success. (I may have to make the questions even harder next time, as three teams got all five correct.) It was the bonus round, worth a total of 20 points. We also debuted a new cover sheet with all the rules and regulations of Trivia Night. It looked really good, but as I was about to give them out, I realized that "blackberrys"was actually spelled "blackerberrys." That will be corrected for next week.

The winning team was "A Kick In The Junk Works For Me" won easily, and by 8 points. "The Q Train" continues to be a favorite, as the teams seem to like a lightning round.

I threw a question out in the first round. There was a question about a movie about Barbaro in the works, but I was not specific enough in the network doing it, so I gave everyone a point on it. (I should have said "cable network" and not TV network.") That happens...

Next week's special round will be on "Irish Trivia" in honor of St. Patrick's Day, the following Saturday.

Current Events
1. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were both a part of a symbolic march in the Alabama city on Sunday.
2. This film, which opened last Friday, grossed $38 million at the box office and was the number one film in America last week.
3. This long-delayed NYC subway profect is finally on target to get going again in the next few weeks.
4. This magazine, owned by a media icon, was ranked number one on Adweek Magazine's Hot List for 2007.
5. 82 people have been reported killed when an earthquake rocked Sumatra Island in this Asian country on Tuesday.
6. This network is planning to make a film about the Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro and it will likely air by June.
7. Activists in this section of Manhattan are attempting to stop Donald Trump from building a 45-story tower there.
8. Doctors on Monday found a blood clot in Vice-President Dick Cheney. Where in his body was it found?
9. This Hollywood producer/director was discovered to have purchased a Norman Rockwell painting that was stolen over 30 years ago.
10. The A&P will acquire this supermarket chain for $679 million later this year.

Answers: 1. Selma; 2. "Wild Hogs;" 3. 2nd Avenue Subway; 4. "O" (Oprah Magazine); 5. Indonesia; 6. HBO; 7. Soho; 8. left leg; 9. Steven Spielberg; 10. Pathmark.

This Day In History: March 6
1. The Missouri Compromise was signed on this day in 1820. Which US president signed it into law? a. James Monroe; b. John Quincy Adams; c. Andrew Jackson; d. James K. Polk.
2. The opera "La Traviata" debuted on this day in 1853. Who wrote the opera? a. Verdi; b. Puccini; c. Rossini; d. Bellini.
3. In 1957 on this day, the former British colonies Gold Coast and British Togoland formed which independent nation? a. Togo; b. Kenya; c. Ghana; d. Swaziland.
4. David Gilmour turns 61 today. Which classic British rock band was he a part of? a. The Kinks; b. Pink Floyd; c. The Animals; d. Traffic.
5. British singer Kiki Dee turns 60 today. With which singer did she form a duet with and have a number one single in the US in 1976? a. Marvin Gaye; b. David Bowie; c. Paul McCartney; d. Elton John.
6. Georgy Malenkov became the Soviet Union's premier on this date in 1953. Who did he succeed as premier? a. V.I. Lenin; b. Leonid Brezhnev; c. Josef Stalin; d. Nikita Khruschev.
7. In 1946, Ho Chi Minh signed an agreement with France that recognized the independence of which Asian nation? a. Laos; b. The Phillipines; c. Cambodia; d. Vietnam.
8. York, Upper Canada was incorporated today in 1834 as which Canadian city? a. Toronto; b. Ottawa; c. Montreal; d. Hamilton.
9. The Alamo was taken by 3000 Mexicans troops on this day in 1836? How many Texans defended it? a. 120; b. 189; c. 305; d. 1050.
10. Which famous TV newsman left the air for the final time today in 1981? a. Chet Huntley; b. David Brinkley; c. Walter Cronkite; d. Howard K. Smith.

Answers: 1. a; 2. a; 3. c; 4. b; 5. d; 6. c; 7. d; 8. a; 9. b; 10. c.

True Or False ("The Q Train")
1. Watermelons are made up of 90% water.
2. The name of the plastic strips inserted into the collars of shirts are called "yokes."
3. A falconer uses his birds for hunting.
4. The Mongols' war leaders were known to wear "war bonnets" before going into battle.
5. Journalism is the subject where students learn "The Five W's"
6. Unleavened bread lacks flour.
7. The New York Stock Exchange's nickname is "The Big Board."
8. "Wonderboy" was the name of the baseball bat that Robert Redford used in the film, "The Natural."
9. The county of Tipperary is located in Scotland.
10. The 2006 St. Louis Cardinals had the worst record ever for a World Series champion.

Answers: 1. true; 2. false, they are called "stays;" 3. true; 4. false, Plains Indians wore them; 5. true; 6. false; it lacks yeast; 7. true; 8. true; 9. false; it is in Ireland; 10. true.

"IQ" Trivia
1. Who was the only US president who was once a member of a labor union? a. Jimmy Carter; b. Franklin D. Roosevelt; c. Ronald Reagan; d. Abraham Lincoln.
2. In which southern state is the Marshall Space Flight Center located? a. Virginia; b. Alabama; c. Florida; d. North Carolina.
3. A "conch" is the nickname for citizens of which south Florida community? a. Key West; b. Key Largo; c. Miami Beach; d. Vero Beach.
4. The Joad family is the subject of which John Steinbeck novel? a. Of Mice and Men; b. The Grapes of Wrath; c. Cannery Row; d. East of Eden.
5. Which of these 1980s films contains a language created solely for the movie? a. The Gods Must Be Crazy; b. Quest For Fire; c. Blade Runner; d. Poltergeist.

Answers: 1. c; 2. b; 3. a; 4. b; 5. b.

General Knowledge
1. On the TV series "Charlie's Angels," who provided the voice of the never-seen Charlie?
2. Scapula is the anatomical term for which part of the human body?
3. Which team did Mike Ditka coach to a Super Bowl victory in 1986?
4. Who wrote the poem, "Paradise Lost?"
5. How many sides of an isosceles triangle are of equal length?
6. In which state is The Citadel military college located?
7. In which European country is the Prado Museum located?
8. A "floe" is a floating mass of what?
9. The Yukon River flows through which US state?
10. A bar in Texas called "Gilley's" served as the backdrop for which 1980s John Travolta film?

Answers: 1. John Forsythe; 2. shoulder blade; 3. Chicago Bears; 4. John Milton; 5. two; 6. South Carolina; 7. Spain; 8. ice; 9. Alaska; 10. "Urban Cowboy."


Gerry said...

Hey really cool trivia questions. I must say I learned a lot. Aren't you glad the 2nd Ave train is going to be running again? I'll be waiting for the Irish trivia stuff!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks for the kind words, Gerry. Glad to hear you like the trivia Q&A. The Irish trivia should be fun next week. When it comes to the 2nd Avenue subway, I'll believe it when it happens, I guess!

Michael Leggett said...

2nd Avenue Subway:

The the trunk line is called the T;

The other line is your(LEAST)favorite, called the Q;

& I have written my piece on yesterday's game.