Friday, March 16, 2007

Schilling Talks 2008 Contract

There's an interesting post on Curt Schilling's blog today about his contract status for 2008. As many of you know, Curt is never afraid to voice his opinions, and he takes it straight to the people online at "38 Pitches." This article is well worth the time to sit down and read.

I found this paragraph at the end of the post the most interesting of all:

To you Yankee fans. I won’t and never have offered up the “I wouldn’t go to NY” unsolicited. When this story first broke I was asked about the possibility of going to NY and I said I couldn’t make that move. I don’t hate the Yankees, far from it, but after what’s happened over the short period of time I’ve been in Boston, and given the fact that there are probably ten times more fans in NY that would not want me to wear the pin stripes, as opposed to those that would, I couldn’t. So rest easy, it won’t happen.

Sorry, Curt, but I can't get a certain ex-Sox player out of my mind who said something of a similar vein back in May 2005...

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Michael Leggett said...

History has a sense of repetition.