Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another Fortune Teller

I was doing some online research on Saturday night on Baseball Reference (which is a fabulous site by the way). I was on the 1998 Red Sox team page, when I noticed the page was sponsor by another idiotic Yankee fan with zero guts. (I must also point out there are a few immature sponsors of pages at Baseball Reference just like this who are both Red Sox and Yankee fans.)Here's what you'll see on the sponsorship section of that page:

JDS sponsor(s) this page.
2004 ALCS - If Tony Clark’s ball doesn’t bounce over that Little League fence in right – the “Red Sox Nation” cries another 86 years. Hope you enjoyed it - too bad you didn't show a little more class.

Where do I start with this moron? First, Yankee Stadium before it was remodeled in 1976 had the same size rightfield fence that Fenway Park currently has. And God knows over the years, the Sox had enough tough breaks in key spots just like Clark's ground rule double go against them. This guy also impresses me as another one of those "fortune tellers" as I like to call them. You know, the ones who used to be "history professors" with their imbecilic "1918" chants, now it's "they won't win again for 86 years." Come up with something fresher pal, that stupid BS doesn't annoy even the first Sox fan. It only makes you look like a frustrated, stupid idiot.

And "too bad you didn't show a little more class?" What did you expect a devoutly loyal fan base where 99% of all of its fans who had never seen their beloved team win a world championship before to act? Like a bunch of stuffed-shirted, arrogant jackasses who think it's their birthright to see their team win? Eight decades of frustration came barrelling out in October 2004. You didn't like it JDS? Tough toenails, buddy.

And I love the fact that this "JDS" put no link to anywhere he could be reached by email (almost all sponsors do, and usually to their web site). Ha, no guts on this wimp's part whatsoever.


Peter N said...

Hey Q! You see, they're everywhere. And don't forget to spread the word on your blog. Our lefty in the 'pen, Mr. Okajima, is now, nickname wise, DARKMAN. Keep it alive!
Healthy and happy Sunday from your blogger friend!

The Omnipotent Q said...

I like the idea of having a "darkman" in the pen.......

Have a great Sunday too, Peter.

Michael Leggett said...

Let me guess:

It must've been one of those angry, boastful "Yankees Males", who're capable of "Inhaling" their 8th Beer by the Bottom of the 1st Inning;

Who else would have an ad with no link!

Michael Leggett said...

Thus making "JDS" a Thorough "Arse-Wipe" Loser!