Sunday, March 04, 2007

Steve Phillips, Comedian

This evening I watched a special edition of Baseball Tonight, and it concluded with each person who was featured on the show making a "bold" prediction (basically something totally unexpected happening in baseball this season). A few were interesting, like Peter Gammons saying Grady Sizemore will win AL MVP and Orestes Destrade predicting Ichiro Suzuki will hit .400.

But there was high comedy when our favorite ESPN punching bag, Steve Phillips, made his prediction. And boy, did he go for the big laughs.

"Alex Rodriguez will win not only the All-Star Game MVP, but he will be MVP of both the American League and the World Series."

Phillips clearly went for laughs. I thought it was hysterical, as it made me laugh out loud, but the crowd at Disney at Orlando behind him booed.

Don't give up your day job, Steve.

On second thought, do us all a favor and give it up.


Michael Leggett said...

If ONE can remember the Post 2000 World Series, the actions of(Then NY Mets GM), one G. Stephen{Steve}Phillips:

He called A-Rod, who grew up a METS Fan, who watched Superstation WWOR & got the Mets Games, from Ralph Kiner, Steve Zabriskie & (Then Much-More-Enjoyable) Tim Mc Carver, a selfish 24+1 Player, who would NOT negotiate with Alex Rodriguez, nor Scott Boras, instead going for "Hand Me Headaches" like Steve(Trashbin) Trachsel;

Seeing that he blew it, Phillips went after(A Broken Down) Mr Mo Vaughn;

I used to chant this ditty, namely "Phillips? George Costanza would make a better General Manager Than you", which would send Mets Fans, howling with Gales of Laughter, particularly after a loss, especially, during August, '02;

& Trachsel, a remnant of the "Brilliance"of Phillips, blew Game 2 of the '06 NLCS, Handily;


Bwahahahahahaha, Loser!

Michael Leggett said...

No wonder Bobby Valentine wanted to kill him!

But, there's at least one Defensible Action, which Phillips took to stabilize the '99 & '00 pitching staffs, for he did hire Dave Wallace;

Wallace ran for the door after 2000, as Bobby Valentine hated Phillips & Wallace;

& Mel Rojas was acquired by Phillips. Mel was awful & is out of Baseball.

Michael Leggett said...

Force Phillips to ride the Q Train for that bold blast of IDIOCY