Monday, March 12, 2007

Major Trivia Night Change

Trivia Night will of course be tomorrow night at 9 PM. But I want to alert all of you players that we will institute a major change to the proceedings starting tomorrow.

I have had recent complaints from many trivia players that the size of some of the competing teams is getting too large. We've had recent winning teams with as many as 10 or more players. So starting on March 13, teams eligible to win the first place prize must now have no more than six players per team. Groups that come in that are larger than that must either split into two or more groups. Large teams can compete but they will not be eligible to win if they don't.

Out Trivia Night continues to be a work in progress, and we are always trying to make it as enjoyable an experience for everyone involved. I encourage all your feedback, and you can all write to me with it at

Tomorrow night's special category will be Irish Trivia. Hope to see many of you on Tuesday night!

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