Saturday, March 31, 2007

Encore Viewings of "Impossible To Forget"

On Friday night, I was really looking forward to seeing "Impossible To Forget: Summer Of "67," the documentary about the 1967 Red Sox that my buddy Chris and I were interviewed for. I was at Professor Thom's, along with Chris, a few other friends, and Sam, and editor who was instrumental in making the film.

Sam told me it came out really well, and I was seen many times throughout the film. He also told me the folks at NESN were also pleased with it. He also noted that none of the 1967 players from the club were interviewed, and the documentary was mainly from the view of the fans.

I really couldn't wait to see it. But when 8:30 rolled around, NESN was blacked out in the New York area, for reasons unknown, by DirecTV. Chris speculated that the boneheads at DirecTV (the same knuckleheads who've stolen away Extra Innings from the fans, courtesy of MLB) may have believed they were blacking out a Red Sox game that was being played in Philadelphia, even though it wasn't being broadcast that night in Boston.

It really disappointed all of us who were looking forward to seeing it on Friday.

But early on Saturday I discovered that "Impossible To Forget" will be broadcast again on Sunday, April 1 at 6:30 PM and again at 9 PM by NESN (although DirecTV says they are only showing it at 9). So I will once again be at the bar to see if they do indeed allow the documentary to be seen in New York.

I just hope it's not an April Fool's joke. God knows, DirecTV has pulled enough crap on the fans already this year.

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Michael Leggett said...

Like "The Riv' List", let's add DirecTV.