Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Tough Super Bowl Trivia Question

I got an email from cousin Ellen last night and it included a great Super Bowl trivia question she recently heard on the radio. I normally don't ask my readers trivia questions, but since the Super Bowl is next weekend, I'll throw this out to all of you.

There have been five Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks who went to the same college as four US presidents. Name the five quarterbacks, the four presidents and the four universities they attended. (Two of the QBs went to the same college as one of the presidents.)

I'm trusting that many of you won't use Google for this, but I can't stop you if you do.

I got four of the five. One pair of QB/presidents is easy, but another is really difficult.

Leave your guesses here in the comments section, and I'll give out the answers early next week.

Good luck, and thanks Ellen!


Eileen said...


Don't give him too much information......the "50th" quiz may be undermined. He may win again!

#1 Sis/Cousin

Royal Rooters said...

Good question! idea

Unknown said...

Michigan Brady and Ford
Us Naval Acad.Stauback and Carter
Miami Ohio- Rothenberger-?
Stanford ?