Thursday, January 11, 2007

Guess Who Failed A Drug Test?

Well, he can never claim he's never failed a drug test again. None other than "Big Head" (in more ways than one), Barry Bonds. Today's New York Daily News has an article by T.J. Quinn (no relation to The Mighty), a writer who has followed Bonds and the steroid controversy closely. He says that sources have told him that Bonds failed the new MLB test for amphetamines last season.

Bonds will not tbe suspended for failing it, as under MLB rules he will be given treatment and counseling. But if he fails a second test, he will face a 25-game suspension.

Of course, it wouldn't be Barry Bonds if he weren't blaming somebody else for his troubles, and apparently he originally pointed fingers at Giants teammate Mark Sweeney. Bonds got the stimulant from Sweeney's locker (although the article doesn't make it clear if Sweeney gave it to Bonds or if Bonds just helped himself to it).

Here is the complete Quinn article:

Just another reason to despise Barry Bonds. He is, of course, closing in on the home run record, and could reach before this year is out. It makes me really hope that the home run record will still belong to Hank Aaron once the 2007 season is concluded.


Anonymous said...

#@%$^&%$#%^&#@$%^^%@!*&^%%^$ Barry Bonds!

Christine E. said...

well said Michael!

I agree with you as well, Quinn, I really hope the HR record is still standing when the season is over--he is NO way deserves it...

He's a Punk, a cheat, and a liar...


The Omnipotent Q said...

Bonds is spreading the love again, isn't he?

Michael Leggett said...

I hold Barry Bonds in the Same Company as The Riviera Cafe & Sports Bar:

F--- Them Both!