Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Trivia Q&A: January 2

We had another fine night of Trivia Q&A last night to begin 2007. There was a good crowd, and 12 teams took part. My friends Steve and Michael were the champions once again, winning by two points, with the team name, "Get Comfy." (I really don't want to say the rest of it, as it was one of those names. But it was still funny.) I thought the best team name went to my friend Chris and his roommate, who called themselves, "Hangin' With Mr. Hussein." Steve and Michael had a strong night, and led almost the whole way.

Movie Characters with its double points per question, was again the final category. I've decided to keep it now on a full-time basis. The Gerald Ford Trivia and Classic TV Shows categories were generally well received, and most teams did fairly well with them. I haven't decided if Classic TV Shows will be back next week, but we will see.

Here are the questions and answers from last night's trivia:

Current Events
1. Darrent Williams, a defensive back on this NFL team, was shot to death early New Year's Day in what police think was the result of a dispute earlier that evening in a nightclub. Denver Broncos
2. This blonde bombshell collapsed while partying New Year's Eve in Las Vegas. Britney Spears
3. For the second straight week, this film was the number one film at the box office. "A Night At The Museum"
4. This college football team pulled off "the Statue of Liberty" play on a two-point conversion in OT to beat Oklahoma in an exciting finish to the Fiesta Bowl last night. Boise State
5. This sitcom star has a new series debuting on F/X tonight called "Dirt." Courteney Cox
6. This coffee retailer announced it will eliminate trans fats from all of its menu some time this year. Starbucks
7. This Eastern state's lawmakers voted Tuesday to allow a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. Massachusetts
8. The FAA announced that a possible UFO sighting in late 2006 at this Midwest airport was just some weird weather phenomenon, and not aliens. O'Hare Airport
9. A plane in this Asian country disappeared on Monday and it was erroneously was reported that the plane's wreckage was found on Tuesday. Indonesia
10. Ban Ki-moon became the new UN Secretary General on Monday. From which nation does he come from? South Korea

Gerald Ford Trivia
1. What was the original surname that Gerald Ford was born with? a. Fletcher, b. King, c. Jones, d. Stapleton. answer: b
2. What position did Mr. Ford play on the Michigan championship football teams? a. quarterback, b. tight end, c. center, d. tackle. answer: c
3. Who was President Ford's vice-president from 1974-77? a. Bob Dole, b. Nelson Rockefeller, c. Ronald Reagan, d. Dan Quayle. answer: b
4. What state was Gerald Ford born in? a. Indiana, b. Michigan, c. Nebraska, d. Iowa. answer: c
5. How many complete terms did Mr. Ford serve in the House? a. 15, b. 10, c. 14, d. 12 answer: d
6. What was Gerald Ford's position when he was nominated for vice-president in 1973? a. House Minority Leader, b. Speaker of the House, c. House Majority Leader, d. House Minority Whip. answer: a
7. Which number president was Mr. Ford? a. 37, b. 38, c. 36, d. 39. answer: b
8. How many children did Gerald and Betty Ford have? a. 4, b. 2, c. 3, d. 1. answer: a
9. In which state did President Ford pass away in? a. Michigan, b. Florida, c. California, d. Arizona. answer: c
10. What branch of the service did Mr. Ford serve in in World War II? a. Army, b. Navy, c. Air Force, d. Marines. answer: b

General Knowledge
1. Which animal is on the official logo for the US Postal Service? Eagle
2. What was created in 1887 as an international language? Esperanto
3. Under what stage name was the singer Anna Mae Bullock better known as? Tina Turner
4. Which 1980s film featured 5 high school students stuck in detention? The Breakfast Club
5. Before converting to the Euro, the Punt was the official currency of which European nation? Ireland
6. What protective part of the Earth's atmosphere is said to have holes in it? Ozone layer
7. Which sports commentator is legendary for the line, "telling it like it is?" Howard Cosell
8. Where was the site of the Wright Brothers first flight in 1903? Kitty Hawk, NC
9. On which country's mainland is the US military base at Guantanamo Bay located? Cuba
10. Which South American country borders Panama to connect Central and South America? Colombia

Classic TV Shows
1. This show was on the air for 6 years in the 1970s and featured a Chicago psychiatrist, his wacky patients and his friends including an airline pilot and a dentist. The Bob Newhart Show
2. This show ran for 5 years in the 1960s and featured a suburban Tv writer, his wife, son and friends who were also writers on the show. The Dick Van Dyke Show
3. This show was on for 6 years in the 1980s and featured two female detectives in New York City who were also partners on the job. Cagney and Lacey
4. This show was on for 5 years in the late 1960s and was about a secret agent named Agent 86 who was out to thwart the evil doings of a group called KAOS. Get Smart
5. This show ran for 7 years and featured the comic antics of a group of eclectic and diverse cops from New York's 12th Precinct. Barney Miller
6. This show ran for 5 years in the 1990s and featured a female physician in Old West Colorado trying to fit in and trying to practice her livelihood. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
7. This show ran for 4 years in the late 1980s and featured a pair of private detectives, a man and a woman, as they battled bad guys and especially each other. Moonlighting
8. This Sci-Fi series ran for 5 years and was about a time-traveller who would go from one time and place to another in a different body, trying to change people's lives for the better. Quantum Leap
9. This show ran for 4 years in the 1980s and was about two guys who lived in a residence hotel strictly for women, and posed as females so they could stay there. Bosom Buddies
10. This show ran for 3 years in the 1970s and was about a streetwise undercover detective and featured his beloved cockatoo, Fred. Baretta

Movie Characters
1. Travis Bickle (1976)- Robert DeNiro, "Taxi Driver"
2. Tony Manero (1978)- John Travolta, "Saturday Night Fever"
3. Dean Keaton (1995)- Gabriel Byrne, "The Usual Suspects"
4. Randall McMurphy (1975)- Jack Nicholson, "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"
5. John Dunbar (1990)- Kevin Costner, "Dances With Wolves"
6. Dottie Hinson (1992)- Geena Davis, "A League Of Their Own"
7. Victoria Corningstone (2004)- Christina Applegate, "Anchorman"
8. Jack Dawson (1997)- Leonardo DiCaprio, "Titanic"
9. Lex Luthor (1978)- Gene Hackman, "Superman"
10. Lili Von Shtupp (1974)- Madeline Kahn, "Blazing Saddles"


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