Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Super Bowl Trivia On Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night Trivia at Professor Thom's tonight will feature a round of Super Bowl Trivia, along with the four other usual categories of Current Events, General Knowledge, TV Characters and Mutiple Answers Trivia (5 questions worth 25 points).

However, the Super Bowl question I asked over the weekend will NOT be a part of Tuesday's quiz. Sorry guys.

So brush up on the Super Bowl history everybody.

Hope to see you Tuesday night!


Suldog said...


Here's one for your trivia, if you wish. Who is the oldest player to make his first appearance on a super bowl roster? That is, never on a super bowl roster until the advanced age at which he first appeared. Hint: He did not play in the game.

Drop me a line for the answer.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Good question, Suldog. I'll drop you a line on your blog with my guess...