Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Trivia Q&A: November 7

We had another very successful Trivia Night at Professor Thom's last night. A group called Valley of the New York Dolls were last night's champs, winning by two points. The Presidential trivia category wasn't as successful as I thought it could have been, as the team that won the category got just 7 correct. Well, it was only a one-time thing.

So, without further ado, here are the questions and answers to last night's trivia:

Current Events
1. This midwestern city was recently called "The most dangerous city in America" for 2005. St. Louis
2. Former heavyweight champion Trevor Berbick was recently found murdered in a churchyard in this Caribbean country. Jamaica
3. This film, which debuted in less than 1000 theaters this past Friday, was number one at the box office for this past week. Borat
4. This web site has licensed new technology to stop users from posting unauthorized copyrighted music on its site. MySpace
5. This TV show recently had an episode that mocked the late "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin. South Park
6. One person died after this Western state was hit with torrential rains the past few days. Washington
7. If the Democrats win control of the House tonight, Nancy Pelosi will most likely become the new Speaker of the House. Which state does she represent? California
8. This nation's Senate voted to lift the country's ban on cloning embryos for stem cell research yesterday. Australia
9. This pop singer's libel suit against Us magazine concerning a possible sexually explicit video was dismissed by a judge yesterday. Britney Spears
10. This Central American country won a seat on the UN Security Council earlier today. Panama

Movie Quotes
1. "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." (1995) The Usual Suspects
2. "What ain't no country I ever heard of! Do they speak English in What?" (1994) Pulp Fiction
3. "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government." (1975) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
4. "I must have killed more men than Cecil B. DeMille." (1974) Blazing Saddles
5. "I believe in America. America has made my fortune." (1972) The Godfather
6. "Sean, if the Professor calls about that job, just tell him, sorry, I have to see about a girl." (1997) Good Will Hunting
7. "I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell, "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!!" (1976) Network
8. "What will he find out there Doctor?" "His destiny." (1968) Planet of the Apes
9. "We've never lost an American in space and we're sure as hell not going to lose one on my watch. Failure is not an option!" (1995) Apollo 13
10. "That boy is alive. We are going to send somebody to find him. And we are going to get him the hell out of there." (1998) Saving Private Ryan

Presidential Trivia
1. Which MLB team was George W. Bush once the managing general partner of? Texas Rangers
2. Who was the first US president to visit Moscow? Richard Nixon
3. Who was president for the shortest period of time? William Henry Harrison (one month)
4. Who was the shortest US president? James Madison (5'4")
5. What state were the most US presidents born in? Virginia (8)
6. Who was the only president who has ever been divorced? Ronald Reagan
7. Which president was the only batchelor to serve in office? James Buchanan
8. Which former president eventually became the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? William H. Taft
9. Three US presidents, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, all died on the same day of the year. Which day was it? July 4
10. Who was the first Republican ever elected president? Abraham Lincoln

General Knowledge
1. What current US state was given over to the US by Spain in 1821? Florida
2. What was the name of the 1997 music festival that was devoted to female pop singers? Lilith Fair
3. What is the current name of the country formerly known as Persia? Iran
4. What language was successfully used as code by the US in WWII? Navajo
5. Which US coin is Susan B. Anthony's picture on? Silver dollar
6. In which country will you find the largest outdoor sports stadium? Brazil
7. Which American iconic figure was shot to death at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis? Martin Luther King
8. What is America's tallest manmade monument? Gateway Arch in St. Louis
9. According to legend, a unibrow, tattoos and a long middle finger are all signs of what Halloween creature? A werewolf
10. Which country celebrates "The Day of the Dead" instead of Halloween? Mexico

Music Lyrics
1. "Spend all your time watching/For that second chance/For a break that would make it okay." Sarah McLachlan, "Angel"
2. "Coast to coast, LA to Chicago, western male/Across the north and south, to Key Largo, love for sale." Sade, "Smooth Operator"
3. "Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars fill my dream/I am a traveler of both time and space." Led Zeppelin, "Kashmir"
4. "I made it through the wilderness/Somehow I made it through/Didn't know how lost I was/Until I found you." Madonna, "Like a Virgin"
5. "It's close to midnight/Something evil's lurkin' from the dark/Under the moonlight/You see a sight that almost stops your heart." Michael Jackson, "Thriller"
6. "Say your prayers little one/Don't forget my son/To include everyone/I tuck you in/Warm within." Metallica, "Enter Sandman"
7. "I can't stand to fly/I'm not that naive/I'm just out to find/The better part of me." Five For Fighting, "Superman"
8. "I wish I was like you/Easily amused/Find my nest of salt/Everything's my fault." Nirvana, "All Apologies"
9. "Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray/South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio." Billy Joel, "We Didn't Start The Fire"
10. At first I was afraid/I was petrified/Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side." Gloria Gaynor, "I Will Survive"


Anonymous said...

This sounds like so much fun !

I wish people around here did stuff like this ... I would *probably* go / join / attend ! LOL !

Peter N said...

I wish I had the time to go through these questions, and I promise, I will! I added something new to my blog, a couple inches down on the right side. It say SUBSCRIBE TO PETER's RED SOX FOREVER. I have yahoo as a homepage, and darn it, it worked!!! Try it. For me??? Thanks

The Omnipotent Q said...

The more the merrier, Novella! It is a lot of fun to write up the questions and MC...

The Omnipotent Q said...

I'll check it out, Peter. I promise...

Peter N said...

Ed Bradley passes sad

The Omnipotent Q said...

I just heard that news, Peter. Very sad indeed, a classy man has left us.

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