Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Date With The Hangman

Earlier today in Baghdad, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was found guilty of crimes against humanity and was sentenced to be hanged. The verdict was not totally unexpected and has been welcomed by most Iraqis, but there were a few protests in the country by some of his deluded former followers.

God only knows how many Iraqi citizens this despot had tortured and killed when he was the leader of the country. Now he has a date with the end of a rope.

So be it. The Iraqis have doled out their justice to Hussein.

And they'll be one less murdering bastard in this world.


KAYLEE said...

That is sad but i must say I wanted that to happen he deserves it

Peter N said...

And I hope his "appeal process" will be swift. The better off the human race will be without this excuse for a human being...I could say the same of our President. But I won't. Or, I just did. Don't quote me..I like living as a free person. Able to write small paragraphs in a single bound..a bird, a plane?.....oops, wrong guy.