Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No Trivia Q&A

I won't be posting any Trivia Night Q&A from last night, as there was no Trivia at Professor Thom's last night. Many of the Trivia regulars were away and the bar was pretty quiet at the start time, so we decided to postpone the next round until next Tuesday night. It was ironic that the bar started to fill up after 10:30 PM, as many people came from Halloween parties or the parade that was held in Greenwich Village. But it was too late to get the contest going.

So my friends Steve, Michael and myself entertained ourselves by doing the crossword puzzles in the Daily News and Post. It turned out to be more fun than watching the opening night NBA games, that's for sure.

It is kind of ironic that I was going to do Presidential trivia last night. Now that it's postponed until next week, I will be doing it on Election Night. I will also be doing the questions I was going do to last night then as well, but I will be rewriting the Current Events questions.

See you then.

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