Friday, November 03, 2006

In Today's Daily News

On page 46 of today's New York Daily News, there is a story about yesterday's rally at the World Trade Center site, and there is a photo of some of the people who were in attendance who lost loved ones on 9/11. And wouldn't you know, there is me, on the far left side of the picture, and I'm identified in the caption beneath it. (Unfortunately, the photo is not on the Daily News' web site, otherwise I would have posted it here.)

The picture does not show me holding a photo of my late friend, as it was cut off just before you could see it. It's a pretty somber looking picture.

But at least you can clearly tell I'm wearing my 2004 World Champions hat.

On a much lighter note, I saw a very small story in the News about a Yankee fan (who I won't identify) who was arrested for trespassing at a Red Sox-Yankees game this past June. He was fined $250 for his thoughtless actions by a judge in the Bronx yesterday.

I have absolutely NO use for ANY fans at ANY ballpark who want their 15 minutes of fame by running onto fields during ballgames. Just about all of the other fans in the park don't want the game interrupted by these nitwits. Most times they are fueled by alcohol, and some times they are done by airheads who want to tell their buddies or families, "Hey, look what I did!!"

And sure enough, that's why this jackass did it. He was proud that he was able to yell over to Bernie Williams about how much he admired him as he was being arrested, and to get a reponse from Williams. "It's a story I can tell my grandkids," this clueless putz said yesterday.

It would have been nice if the judge in Bronx Criminal Court had tossed this jerk in the slammer for one year. Then he could tell his future generations about his experiences with his "cellmate named Jamal..."

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