Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blogger Troubles

It was like three days from hell for me since Tuesday. I ran into a big problem with Blogger and my AOL service, and I was unable to post from my home PC until about 5 minutes ago. I went on the Blogger Help Group but could find little success there.

I was about to go to bed tonight, when I decided to call AOL to see if they could help me out. A really friendly rep from the company guided me to an AOL problem with Blogger (there was a problem with some files and I had to install a new AOL adapter). I managed to clear up the problem, and now I am back online from home.

I had to post from Internet cafes and Professor Thom's computer the last few days, just like when my computer was out for nearly ten days. This problem was a real pain. Hopefully everything is now back to normal. (And I'm knocking wood right now!)

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