Monday, November 20, 2006

Site Meter Numbers Go Wild

With my computer's hard drive down (and possibly out for the count), I've had to check my email and write my blog at Internet cafes and at Professor Thom's, so I'm not online as much as I was (or would like to be). On Saturday afternoon, I went to a place not far from my house in Brooklyn. I went to Site Meter like I always do to check out my numbers in terms of hits, and it said I had had 170 hits that day.

At first I thought this was a mistake, but then I realized that someone must have seen the post I wrote about Tower on Friday, and put it on a major web site. And sure enough, someone at, which is a Manhattan-based gossip and news site, saw my post about my experiences at Tower with the drug scene that was there and put up a link to my site on Friday evening. (I did enjoy the way they introduced it: "How about this for a shock?") And at 7 PM, an astounding 134 logged on to The Mighty Quinn Media Machine that hour! More kept coming on that night, and 338 people viewed the site that day, a new record for my site.

On Saturday, my site had 313 hits, and on Sunday, 231 people came by. Normally, on a good day, I'll get about 60 people on a Friday, and about 40 on Saturday and Sunday each (the numbers always tail off on the weekend.)

And today, it's still going strong. As I write this at just after 3 PM, an amazing 218 people have come on to my site. Since Friday, I have gotten just over 1100 hits. They have been from all over the world, most from the New York area. But I've seen a good number of people from Europe, Asia, Australia, and even someone from Kosovo. (First time I've had someone from there!)

I am beyond astounded. And my sincere thanks to the good folks at Gawker for linking to the article I wrote on Friday. If you'd like to see the link, just go to the section called "Blogorrhea NYC" and it is there at

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