Monday, June 17, 2013

A Lost Weekend In Baltimore

The Red Sox dropped three out of four to the Orioles this past weekend. And it wasn't for the idiotic base running of Alexei Casilla on Saturday, it could have been a sweep.

Jon Lester got hammered again on Sunday, and he is now experiencing a rapid decline. I'm still wondering if he's covering up an injury. I'm just glad I missed it, as I was at a Father's Day celebration, and only got my info off my iPhone.

Clay Buchholz maybe heading for the DL with shoulder problems. Boy, when you can't count on your top two starters, you've got real problems.

Looks like Mike Napoli will play tomorrow, as he missed most of the past weekend with an undisclosed illness. And Mike Carp's tight hamstring may only have been a cramp, and he appears to be available for the doubleheader tomorrow against Tampa Bay.

The Sox lead Baltimore by 1 1/2 games, New York by 3, and Tampa Bay by 5.

The off day couldn't have come at a better time.

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