Friday, August 03, 2012

The Road Ahead: It's Not Easy

The Red Sox have 56 games left on the schedule. And it clearly isn't an easy one.

They have played nearly two-thirds of the schedule and are 53-53. 24 games left at home, 22 on the road. Of the home games, only 10 of those games are against teams with losing records. And they also play 10 games on the road against teams currently under .500.

They play New York 9 more times (6 at Yankee Stadium, including the final three of the season). They have one more West Coast swing through all three cities beginning August 28th. The final game of that trip, September 5th in Seattle, will be the final game the Sox play against a team outside the AL East.

They play Texas for three after Minnesota at home. They also start the next homestand against the LA Angels on August 21. Of the lesser lights, they have four in Cleveland, four at home against Kansas City (they play them after LA), and three in Seattle.

September and October will feature 11 home games, and 18 road games. Every team they play those months has winning records except for Toronto and Seattle. (And they've both given the Sox fits this season.)

Barring some herculean effort from this team, the numbers are simply against them.

83-85 wins. Maybe.

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