Friday, August 24, 2012

Don't Wait. Fire Valentine NOW.

On October 27, 2004, Joe Buck, doing Game 4 of the World Series on Fox, famously said, "Red Sox fans have longed to hear it: the Boston Red Sox are World Champions!"

Today, here are some words Red Sox fans now REALLY long to hear: "Bobby Valentine has been relieved of his duties as manager of the Boston Red Sox."

The Death Spiral continues. The embarrassment known as the 2012 Red Sox continues to reach new depths. They blew a six-run lead to the Angels on Thursday night, and were swept, 14-13.

Valentine, in his infinite wisdom, left Alfredo Aceves, who got torched in the ninth inning, allowing three runs and blowing a save up 12-10. Aceves threw 33 pitches in the ninth, looked horrible, but yet was left in for the 10th, and Kendrys Morales hit his first pitch for a home run. Morales is a left-handed batter, so why was lefty Craig Breslow left in the pen until Aceves gave up yet another hit?

Valentine is a complete disaster as manager of the Boston Red Sox. He was a bad fit for this team, and a lousy in-game manager. The Sox are 6-15 (.285) in August, and are 18-29 since July 1st. Their August numbers are nearly as bad as their numbers from last September (7-20, .259). And remember, most of the Red Sox injuries occurred in the first-half of 2012. (With thanks to my friend Adam for the updated numbers.)

It's been a bad three-ring circus under Valentine. I am truly embarrassed to be a fan of the Boston Red Sox. Don't wait until this season concludes. It's time to pull the plug NOW.

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