Thursday, August 02, 2012

Absolutely, Positively Inexcusable

The Minnesota Twins are one of the worst teams in MLB.

Only the Kansas City Royals have worse record in the AL. They were 44-60 coming into tonight, with a run differential of -80. They had some guy named Samuel Deduno (yeah, who?) on the mound against Jon Lester at Fenway tonight to open the four-game series.

Lester was better than his last start in New York, and allowed three runs in eight innings. He certainly pitched well enough to win.

So how do the Red Sox do on offense? They don't bother to show up, and got only two bloody f***ing hits in six innings against this guy, and then against the Minnesota bullpen (not one of the AL's best), they do absolutely NOTHING. Three innings, four strikeouts, NO baserunners. They make this guy Deduno look like Justin Verlander (who they beat two days ago).

Absolutely shameful.

I'm sorry if I'm getting off on a rant here, but I just knew this team would turn in a real clunker like this against one of MLB's lesser lights. I wasn't jumping for joy when they took two of three from both New York and Detroit. I knew something like this could happen. And now they are back at f***ing mediocrity again: 53-53. (Pete Abraham of the Globe tweeted tonight that this is the 16th time in 2012 the Sox have been at .500. Hideous.)

The Sox have a brutal schedule coming up. They have to play New York 9 more times, have another West Coast swing, Texas and the L.A Angels to play at home. You have to beat the hell out of weak teams like Minnesota. They need to sweep the remaining three games to avoid a split, which is really unacceptable against a team like this. There is just no excuse whatsoever for turning in a miserable performance like this. None.

Don't play the injury card. It ain't working this time.

This is just a mediocre, overrated team. Period. More than once I have asked these guys to prove me wrong.

Right now I'm betting they won't. This is an 83-84 win team at best.

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