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Trivia Q&A: November 13

We had one of the biggest crowds ever for Trivia Night on Tuesday, as we had 19 teams participate (and that's the second largest contest ever). The numbers for Vice Presidential Trivia (where I gave the name of the Veep and you had name the President he served under) weren't too great, but two teams actually ran the table and got perfect scores on them. The numbers improved throughout the next two rounds, and we had the top five teams going into the last round separated by five points.

IQ Trivia's numbers were on the lighter side, and something happened that I had never seen before. There was a tie not only for first place, but for third and fifth place as well.

We broke the tie for first between the teams called I Want a Breast Reduction & A Second Opinion and Team Wobbly "H" by going back to the night's special category of Vice Presidential Trivia. I asked both teams to give me their best guess at "How many Vice Presidents have there been in US history?" The closest team would win. And that turned out to be I Want a Breast Reduction, who guessed 47 and were off by just one, as the right answer is 46. Congratulations to them on their victory. (They had led for the entire contest going into the last round.)

Next week we will have a special round of Thanksgiving Trivia, so we hope many of you can come out for it next Tuesday night.

Current Events
1. This legendary author, who once ran for mayor of New York City, died this past weekend at the age of 84.
2. This Southern city was chosen for the second straight year as the worst city in America for aggressive drivers and road rage by a recent study.
3. This British musician's in trouble again, as he was charged Tuesday with falsely imprisoning a man in London.
4. Rail workers and subway personnel went on strike in this European city in the first wave of public sector strikes there.
5. An explosion rocked the House of Representatives in this Asian country on Tuesday, killing one person and wounding two.
6. A major oil spill was caused last week when a container ship struck this bridge out west, and the state's governor declared a state of emergency to clean it up.
7. This celebrity, known for her alcohol problems, has been praised by conservationists for highlighting the problem of binge drinking elephants in India.
8. This hip-hop star's mother, also his agent, died on Saturday from possible complications from cosmetic surgery.
9. This UK city was chosen yesterday to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games after a vote in Sri Lanka.
10. This film, which grossed $26 million in its second week of release, was the number one film in the US last week.

Answers: 1. Norman Mailer; 2. Miami; 3. Boy George; 4. Paris; 5. The Philippines; 6. San Francisco Bay Bridge; 7. Paris Hilton; 8. Kanye West; 9. Glasgow; 10. "Bee Movie."

Vice-Presidential Trivia
1. Martin Van Buren: a. John Tyler; b. Andrew Jackson; c. James Monroe; d. John Quincy Adams.
2. Hubert Humphrey: a. Lyndon Johnson; b. Harry Truman; c. Richard Nixon; d. Dwight Eisenhower.
3. Hannibal Hamlin: a. U.S. Grant; b. Andrew Johnson; c. Rutherford B. Hayes; d. Abraham Lincoln.
4. Theodore Roosevelt: a. Grover Cleveland; b. William McKinley; c. Benjamin Harrison; d. Chester Arthur.
5. John Nance Garner: a. FDR; b. Calvin Coolidge; c. Woodrow Wilson; d. Herbert Hoover.
6. Nelson Rockefeller: a. Richard Nixon; b. Ronald Reagan; c. Dwight Eisenhower; d. Gerald Ford.
7. Aaron Burr: a. John Adams; b. James Madison; c. Thomas Jefferson; d. James Monroe.
8. Alben Barkley: a. Harry Truman; b. FDR; c. Dwight Eisenhower; d. Herbert Hoover.
9. Adlai Stevenson: a. William H. Taft; b. Harry Truman; c. Woodrow Wilson; d. Grover Cleveland.
10. Richard Nixon: a. FDR; b. Dwight Eisenhower; c. Harry Truman; d. Herbert Hoover.

Answers: 1. b; 2. a; 3. d; 4. b; 5. a; 6. d; 7. c; 8. a; 9. d; 10. b.

True or False ("The Q Train")

1. A dinosaur that was discovered a few years ago was actually named after Dire Straits lead singer Mark Knopfler.
2. The flower daffodil is a type of narcissus.
3. The painter Fredric Remington was best known for his sculpting and painting of New York aristocrats.
4. The U.S. Marshals conducted the first U.S. census in 1790.
5. Sepia-toned photographs are brown colored.
6. The Erie Canal is located in Ohio.
7. The term "vox populi" literally means "voice of the people."
8. Quinine can be found in the beverage tonic water.
9. The Santa Ana winds are usually found in Arizona.
10. On the TV series, "Dharma and Greg," the two main characters married after their first date.

Answers: 1. true; 2. true; 3. false, the American West; 4. true; 5. true; 6. false, it is in New York; 7. true; 8. true; 9. false, it is in California; 10. true.

General Knowledge

1. What president declared the U.S. boycott of the Moscow Olympics?
2. Tom Wolfe's 1979 book, "The Right Stuff" is about what?
3. In 1983, what Caribbean nation was invaded by U.S. troops?
4. On the TV series, "The West Wing," what is the last name of the President of the United States?
5. In which state is the Pentagon located?
6. Within 10 million, approximately how many years have dinosaurs been extinct?
7. The nutritional philosophy of the Atkins Diet suggests restricting what?
8. Members of which filmmaking family wrote, directed and appeared in the 2000 film, "Scary Movie?"
9. In the film, "Chicken Run," which actor provided the voice of the rooster called Rocky?
10. In a professional rodeo competition, how many seconds must a rider stay on a "bucking bronco?"

Answers: 1. Jimmy Carter; 2. manned space missions; 3. Grenada; 4. Bartlett; 5. Virginia; 6. 65 million; 7. carbohydrates; 8. Wayans; 9. Mel Gibson; 10. eight.

IQ Trivia
1. Which of the original thirteen colonies was founded by James Oglethorpe as a haven for English debtors? (5 points)
2. During World War II, what general was widely known by the nickname, "The Desert Fox?" (4 points)
3. What kind of powder is inside an Etch A Sketch drawing toy? (6 points)
4. The James Randi Educational Foundation offers $1 million to anyone who can provide solid evidence of what? (5 points)
5. Most of the world's supply of cork comes from which type of tree? ( 5 points)

Answers: 1. Georgia; 2. Erwin Rommel; 3. aluminum; 4. paranormal powers; 5. oak.

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