Friday, November 23, 2007

The "Yankee Fan Standby" Again

I saw this letter in today's New York Daily News' "Voice of the People" column, and had to comment on it. (It's always a great source of bizarre entertainment!)

Say Ay!
Bronx: Any person who doesn't believe having A-Rod on the Yankees is a great thing knows absolutely nothing about baseball. If Voicer Gisela Roubeck wants to be a Met fan, good riddance. And if Voicer Dave Carbray thinks the Red Sox will ever match the glorious history of the Yankees after a couple of good seasons, I think Bellevue has a room just for him. Joseph M. Hendon

I just love letters like this. You can legitimately debate A-Rod resigning being a good thing for the Yankees with other Yankee fans who would have been glad to see him gone. (They could have better spent on the money on more of a "team" player, as well as more pitching, for example.) And I did see plenty of Yankee fans who wrote into the New York tabloids saying they were glad he was gone when he originally opted out. And I couldn't find one--not one--Red Sox fan who wanted the Sox to sign him. Rodriguez is a "high maintenance" player who most Red Sox fans wanted no part of. He maybe the best "regular season" player in baseball right now (and the Yankees wouldn't have made the playoffs without him in 2007), but he still doesn't have a World Series ring yet.

I can't say I remember Dave Carbray's letter, but let me set you straight on one thing, Mr. Hendon. As Red Sox fans, and I can't emphasize this enough: we do not care who many championships the Yankees have. And we never will. No baseball team will ever match New York's number, certainly not in my lifetime. World Series championships are forever, and no one can ever take them away. But you know what, for Red Sox fans (as well as Mets fans and the fans of all other teams not called the Yankees), it doesn't matter at all. All we care about is watching our team win a title now, so we can enjoy it. (And those were a couple of good seasons? I think great seasons is a better adjective.)

Once again, the old "Yankee fan standby" pops up (which always does when things ain't going so good for their team): We've won more titles than your team ever will.

Big deal. We've got the championship now. That's what matters. Deal with it.


Anonymous said...

Like I said in 2004-you may have 26rings, but we have the BEST one-the LAST one.

They can think what they want. Who cares?

Peter N said...

Well said, Q. And MCW, I think that he sees the amusement in the Yankee fan's desperate pleas for attention. And I say, "Wah Wah Wah!" to all those who love pinstripes!
Have a wonderful weekend! Rings, rings rings...what beautiful things. A smiling Pete

The Omnipotent Q said...

I found that letter more amusing than anything else, and from time to time I like to comment on some of them. I enjoy the fact Yankee fans are in full spin mode, and always fall back on the "we've won 26 championships" stuff.

Have a great weekend, MCW and Peter...

Michael Leggett said...

Ahhhhhhh, but They're 0 for THIS Century & That's what counts.