Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sabathia Wins Cy Young Over Beckett

C.C. Sabathia beat out Josh Beckett to win the 2007 AL Cy Young Award today. They had very similar years, but I thought the vote total would be even closer than it was. Sabathia got 19 first place votes, while Beckett got 8. John Lackey finished third and Fausto Carmona finished fourth.

Here's the vote tally:

                                 1st 2nd 3rdPoints
C.C. Sabathia Cleveland Indians 19 8 — 119
Josh Beckett Boston Red Sox 8 14 4 86
John Lackey Los Angeles Angels 1 5 16 36
Fausto Carmona Cleveland Indians — 1 4 7
Eric Bedard Baltimore Orioles — — 1 1
Roy Halladay Toronto Blue Jays — — 1 1
Johan Santana Minnesota Twins — — 1 1
Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers — — 1 1
Did you notice how many votes Chien-Ming Wang got? None. Not one. Zilch.

So now can we stop mentioning him with Beckett as some kind of "ace" pitcher?

And I was very surprised to see that Beckett was left off two ballots, and Sabathia was left off one. Do these idiots who did this not actually watch baseball for a living?

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