Thursday, November 15, 2007


The news broke yesterday that Alex Rodriguez has started to talking to the Yankees about returning to the club, and that he's talked with the Steinbrenner Boys about a new ten-year deal.
What a bunch of hypocrites. On both sides.

When Rodriguez and that jackass of an agent Scott Boras tried to upstage the Red Sox World Series win by announcing the opt-out during Game 4, Hank Steinbrenner, who seems to enjoy running off at the mouth--just like Pop--basically went after Rodriguez with all kinds of vitriol. He said he didn't want anyone playing for the Yankees who didn't want to be there, and basically told him and his agent to take a hike. The Yankees had said all along during 2007 that if he opted out of his deal, there was NO WAY he'd be back in a Yankee uniform. Ever.

At least the Yankee brass was being consistent on October 28.

Now they are as big a bunch of hypocrites as Rodriguez is.

It's obvious that Boras and Rodriguez very badly judged the market for him. There was no team that was going to offer him a deal of $350 million over ten years, or anything close to it. Rodriguez took a major hit to his reputation after his ill-timed opt-out, and it was clear Boston certainly wasn't going to be a landing spot for him.

Now he's talking about coming back to New York, and he looks like a guy with his tail between his legs and his hat in his hands. He now has NO CHOICE but to go back to the Yankees. If the Yankee brass had any nerve now at all, they'd lowball him and make him a LOWER offer than this rumored $275 million deal, because honestly, where else can he go now? Both parties have a fractured relationship, especially over the rumors the Yankees don't want Boras in the negotiations over the possible deal. (Despite all the money Boras has made for him, it might be time for Rodriguez to find a new agent.)

Sounds like this deal will get done soon. You'll hear both sides make nice after its all finished. Palaver from Slappy about how his heart was always in New York and always wanted to finish his career in pinstripes, and the Steinbrenner knuckleheads rambling on about how "he's best player in baseball and a true Yankee," yada, yada, yada. Let's face it, all Rodriguez is about is getting the most money from his employer. Loyalty means nothing to him. The events of last month clearly showed that, otherwise why would he come crawling back to the Yankees and not settle for a similar deal to the one he has now with a team like the Angels or Cubs? Because of his "loyalty" to the Yankees? Hardly. They're offering the most money, and everyone knows it.

Thank God Rodriguez isn't coming to Boston.

Slappy, Boras and the Steinbrenners. They're all hypocrites, and they all deserve each other.

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