Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The 2007 World Series DVD

I got my copy of the 2007 World Series DVD yesterday, on the first day it went on sale. I also got it in the first store I checked in, namely the Barnes & Noble store on Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan. (The clerk told me they were selling strong on the first day of sale. Good to see the Sox fans in NYC out there grabbing it!)

I watched it today, and it certainly was a joy to relive those great moments from this past year's championship. The DVD is narrated by Matt Damon, and done in a very low key manner that makes it all the more enjoyable. It is centered on the Red Sox (naturally because they won) and their three postseason title wins. Not much is said about the regular season (and very little said about the Yankees as well), and things like Clay Buchholz' no-hitter and Tim Wakefield's 17-win season are not mentioned at all.

But the film goes into the Sox march back from being 3-1 down against Cleveland, with plenty of interviews with the players and coaches. The Rockies season on the DVD basically begins with the amazing 21 out of 22 win streak they went on just to make it to the Wild Card tiebreaker.

But like with the 2004 World Series DVD, each game is broken down, and I couldn't help but think of the corresponding WS game from 2004, and how much they parallel each other. The film lasts just over one hour, but there are many nice extra features to the DVD package as well, like the last out of the AL East clinching game, the final out of the ALDS, the conclusion of the Sox win in Game 7 over the Indians, Josh Beckett opening the World Series with three strikeouts in the first inning, and the World Series and MVP trophy presentations (and it proves once again what a jerk Jeanne Zelasko truly is).

And one final thing I noticed from the closing credits. Eric Hinske is shown making a relay throw to first base to pick off Alex Rodriguez in that game from August in Yankee Stadium after he had singled to left field.

It marks Slappy's only appearance in the DVD.

I'm sure some Red Sox fans will quibble over some things being left off the video, but it's still fun to relive another great accomplishment in Red Sox history. (And I hear that NESN is putting out their own video about the 2007 World Champions some time soon. Can't wait for that.) No matter, I'm just happy to have two World Series DVDs in four years to put on my shelf.

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