Friday, November 09, 2007

Thom's: 10/29/07 at 12:05 AM

Here's another YouTube clip for Sox fans to enjoy. It was taken at Professor Thom's at the moment the Red Sox won the World Series back on October 29. It was taken by Donovanpk, and was put up on his site, "Behind Enemy Lines" a few days ago. (His site is at:

You can't see very much, as the bar was rather dark, but the passion and the noise that came from winning the World Series more than makes up for it. I was just a few feet over to the left from where this footage was shot, but you can't see any faces clearly, so don't look for me.

My thanks to Donovanpk for alerting me to the clip. It lasts for about three minutes. Enjoy.


Michael Macomber said...

Thanks for posting this, I, sadly, could not be at Thom's that night and I was planning on going to game 5. Though I was ecstatic that the Sox swept the Rockies, there was a part of me that wanted to be at Thom's for the celebration. At least I have this glimpse, you'll have to fill me in on the details on Opening Day.

Have a good off-season and let's hope that they re-sign Mike Lowell.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks, Michael. Sorry you couldn't be at Thom's, as it was a blast. You have a good off-season too. I'm sure Mike Lowell will be signed by the Sox soon.

Jere said...

I remember in '04 having planned to go to the Riv HAD there been a game 5. And it might be a little disappointing to have "missed it," but think how bad you'd feel if they lost, you got to go to the place you wanted to foe the next night, they lost again, and then they went on to lose the series.

As much fun as it is in a certain place, I'd have chosen being in prison and seeing them win over being anywhere I choose only to have them lose.

That said, I wish we could've gone to Thom's this time! But, going into that night, after my '04 experience, I was completely comfortable in the living room with Kim and the cats, knowing we might celebrate that night and how nothing could make me not root for it.

Now, about videos. This is my problem with the 'net. Someone at your bar took the video. You were there. I think of this as something personal to you and him, and if I linked it, I'd give you and him credit. But some more popular sites will link a video like this, and then other people will find it through their site. But instead of of those people linking you, they'll link the popular site that found your video. Why should they get credit? So, I hope if this vid gets linked anywhere, it leads to you and that dude from Behind Enemy Lines getting publicity, not the already super-popular site that "finds" the video.