Monday, March 18, 2013

Almost Perfect

I don't put too much stock into Spring Training baseball. I've watched a little bit this spring. My only concern with the Red Sox is "did anyone get hurt?"

The Red Sox staff nearly pitched a perfect game yesterday, and it would have been the first time since March 2000, when Pedro Martinez and 6 other pitchers turned the trick. Jon Lester pitched six perfect innings over Tampa Bay yesterday, and was followed by perfect frames by Anthony Carter (didn't he used to play for the Vikings?) and Joel Hanrahan.

Then some guy wearing number 96 allowed a hit to guy on the Rays I never heard of with one out, and there went the perfecto. No problem, but the Rays broke up the shutout, and the Sox still won, 5-1.

Lester, who will undoubtedly pitcher the opener in New York in two weeks, has been lights out this spring, as in 20 innings, he has allowed just two earned runs for a 0.90 ERA.

Again, I don't get too excited about the games that don't count, but the Sox pitching has been very good so far. Jackie Bradley Jr. has been a revelation in the outfield this spring, and there has been talk of his making the Opening Day roster. That would only be a good idea if he plays just about every day, as to keep him on an MLB bench as opposed to every day in AAA won't be beneficial to a kid who looks like he's on the fast track to success. I'd rather see Bradley tear up AAA and force the Red Sox into a serious decision should one of their outfielders be struggling or if one goes down.

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