Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bye Bye Pack

It was nothing short of a beatdown: Giants 37, Packers 20.

As a Minnesota Vikings fan for nearly four decades, it was nice seeing their bitterest rival get knocked out in their first postseason game. It brings to mind a happy comparison of watching the Yankees get bounced out in the ALDS.

Granted I don't dislike the Packers with the ferocity I do the Yankees, but it nice seeing those fans who have given the Vikings faithful so much crap over the years knocked down a peg. That "Lambeau Leap" has become such a cliche anyway.

A few weeks ago, I said that the Packers were making a mistake in not playing Aaron Rodgers in their final regular season game, if only for a quarter or two. He looked rusty, and his receivers looked no better either. The Packers defense was really exposed as well.

We may actually see the Patriots play the Giants in the Super Bowl again.

Wouldn't that be fascinating?

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